Cooking up a Storm!

Today during our forest session the children discovered a letter sent from the fairies, telling them that the Sneezy Dragon had been to visit again and eaten all of their food! “We can make them some more!”

The children made two teams and set off to find different, natural materials to use as ‘dinner’. They created a 2 course meal together.

“I am making mash but it is going to be red because I will mix in some peppers.” She then found a small stick and began writing in the mud “this is the menu, I will write on what we have made so the fairies know.”

The children made spaghetti bolognaise, sausage and mash and berry ice cream for pudding. We then spent lots of time keeping an eye on the ‘oven’ in the mud kitchen, encouraging his peers to join in with counting to ten then shouting “bing bing it’s ready”

We left the wonderful homemade meal in our mud kitchen and whispered to the fairies “Enjoy your meal”

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