'Christmas is Coming' .....to Portland House Nursery

Today everyone at Portland House Nursery embraced the Christmas spirit brought by the choir from the College of Resurrection at Mirfield.

Preschool children listened intently to the magical story of baby Jesus, told by one of the choristers and they joined in with traditional Christmas carols such as ‘Little Donkey’ and ‘We three Kings’ linking to the story theme.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as a small group of children stood up with the choir, playing various jingling musical instruments and accompany them in singing the popular ‘Jingle Bells’. A joyous time was had by all and some of the Preschool children wanted to do it all again and joined their younger friends for a repeat performance in the Poppy room.

The Choir praised the children’s enthusiasm and good behaviour. One of the Choirs favourite moments was learning a new song from the children called ‘When the Robots Came to Dinner’. They told the children that they would teach it to all their friends when they returned to their college.

When the Robots Came to Dinner When the robots came to dinner, they came on Christmas Day They didn’t like the Turkey, so they threw it all away. They ate up all the knives and forks and then they asked for more. I’ve never had a Christmas day, quite like that one before.

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