Chinese New Year

Today we had a visit from Samson’s mummy who came to talk to us about Chinese New Year and how they celebrate it in Taiwan which is their home town.

Firstly she showed us some big banners that they put up around the front door. They were red with gold Chinese writing on them meaning good luck she also explained that the colour red is to keep the dragon away. She then said 2016 is the year of the Monkey and every year is a different animal. To allow the children to understand this process she told them the story of the animals having a race and crossing the river and the order that they finished the race is the order they follow in the Chinese New Year. She explained that the festival lasts for 15 days and that you receive money in a special envelope as a gift from family.

During their 15 days of celebrations they eat Chinese delicacies including Chinese dumplings, Samson’s mummy then explained that they eat with chop sticks rather than a knife and fork. The children enjoyed having a go at using a pair of chop sticks and also a special pair of children’s chop sticks which have their own finger holes to teach you how to use them properly.

On the last day of the festival they make a special Chinese lantern and then go out into the street with their lanterns in celebration of the festival. The children really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and exploring the different things that she had brought in for them to see. At the end of the visit the children sang five little monkeys jumping on the bed as their way of celebrating Chinese New Year as the year of the monkey.

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