Children's Mental Health Week

We have had a super busy week in the Portland House Daisy room taking part in lots of activities for ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’. We added our large sensory tent into the room and filled it with torches and different lights to watch them reflect. The children loved hiding in there and climbing in and out of the coracle. It’s been lovely to watch the Daisy children develop friendships between each other giving out hugs and cuddles.

We created lemon scented playdough for the children to explore using rollers and different tools, the lemon scent was very relaxing! We have been continuing to explore textures by scooping and pouring oats using different sized pots.

The ‘that’s not my’ books are some of the children’s favourites. We created a ‘That’s not Elephant’ sensory table where the children could explore different materials that are found within the story. We have been reading this book at circle time too and taking it in turns to find the different textured area on each page.

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