Chatterbox Challenge

The Chatterbox Challenge has begun!

Throughout February and March, the children at Holly Bank Nursery will be taking part in a Chatterbox Challenge to raise money for the “I Can Challenge”. This challenge provides a fantastic opportunity to get children chattering and allows parents and carers to join in the fun and support speech and communication at home.

Speech, language and communication skills are a prime area of the EYFS curriculum yet 1 in 10 children in the UK struggle with their speech and language.

Charlotte Orchard the SENCO at Holly Bank works with all staff members to provide ideas and support to develop all children’s communication skills. Charlotte explains “early recognition is vital and part of my job as SENCO is to offer targeted support to enable every child to reach their full potential”.

At Holly Bank, we believe that by joining in with the Chatterbox Challenge we can share the activities we do in Nursery with parents and carers to increase awareness of communication difficulties some children may face.

Some of the activities we will be doing include:

Hosting a sing-along of children’s favourite nursery rhymes in front of parents/carers.

Holding a garden adventure where the children will be chattering about what they see, hear and feel in the garden and on walks around the local area.

Celebrating talk by sharing new words on a WOW card.

Borrow books from our room libraries to share at home.

Please look out for posters around the nursery to what’s on. This week each child will get their own sponsorship form. If you would like to join in raising money for the ICAN charity please ask family and friends if they would like to donate and please return all money raised by 20 March so Holly Bank can be entered into a draw to win educational supplies.

All children that take part will receive a certificate and stickers.

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