Charity Car Wash

On Saturday 5th April all the staff from Holly Bank nursery got together to help raise money for Water Aid. To discourage our friends and parents from using the commerical car wash companies who use gallons of water they put on our own cheap, easy and environmentally friendly Charity Car Wash. Conserving as much water as possible the Nursery Practitioners worked up a lather on over 25 cars! They also tried their hand at valeting around 10 cars.

The rain stayed away and it was great to see so many parents and friends supporting the cause, helping to raise £183. Tasty treats were also sold so everyone could enjoy a drink and a snack while they waited and some of the families even stayed to have a play in the garden. The rain even stayed away right until the end!

The staff team are now all fired up and enthusiastic for their big swim throughout June to continue to support Water Aid. If you would like to support them in swimming the length of the Channel you can sponsor them on

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