Buttercups Babies Beach Party

The Portland House Buttercup babies came to nursery in their beach attire ready for fun at their morning ‘beach party’. The babies took great delight splashing in the inflatable paddling pools having a wonderful sensory experience making their own tidal waves whilst developing their filling pouring skills.

They also had opportunity to explore the sandy beach feeling the texture of the wet sand and various sized/patterned shells. The babies showed lots of interest as they concentrated digging in the sand, filling containers and listening to the sound of the sea and waves in the large shells.

We had a sing song whilst waiting for the scrummy homemade apple juice ice lollies that we’d made the day before. Not only did we learn about early science with melting ice, tickling our taste buds with fruit flavours and even sharing with our friends, we also had an early phonics session learning the ‘L’ sound for lolly and lick.

This was followed by a picnic lunch on a blanket and then a much needed afternoon siesta. A fun learning session was had by everyone.

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