Bluebells Train Ride Adventure

Today the Portland House Bluebell children engaged in a group construction activity and worked collaboratively together to make their own train using wooden crates down in the woodland station. They carefully selected natural materials and resources gathered from the woodland area to create their own train tickets and the tree branch became the train drivers lever as everyone took their seats aboard the train excited and ready for an adventurous ride.

The children used their own imaginations to take turns to choose their destinations. First stop was to travel to the outdoor cinema where they watched Aladdin whilst munching on their pretend delicious freshly popped popcorn.

Next stop was Grappolo’s to eat some delicious healthy pizza which they made using natural materials for their ingredients.

We encountered a few problems along the way with the train engine breaking down and one of the carriages coming loose, but luckily a mechanic was travelling on the train and was soon on the job to fix the loose parts to enable the children to continue on their journey.

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