Autumn in Bluebells

In Portland House Bluebells, we have been noticing how moving into Autumn changes the natural environment around us.

Through woodland sensory walks, we have observed the changing colours of the leaves, how they sound and feel different and even collected natural objects to create our own artwork.

We have exercised our fine motor skills while attaching sticks, shells and leaves together to create wind chimes and stick people which now adorn the garden. Some of our children have retold their favourite stories using their stick characters.

Another important change has been the changing seasons weather. We have been learning about how to best protect ourselves from the wind, rain and increasingly chilly days. This has been a great opportunity to develop our independent skills while tackling our zips, buttons, laces and gloves.

Bluebells children and staff have collected and played with conkers, sticks, acorns, leaves and many other natural materials and have discussed their shapes, colours, textures and other properties in our autumn trays.

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