A Visit from Farmer Pogson

The pre-school children at Portland House Nursery were thrilled to have a visit from Daisy the cow. Daisy is a life sized replica cow, brought to nursery by our local milkman and farmer on his visit.

Farmer Pogson spoke to the children about the “magical” way that a cow makes milk: by eating green grass, digesting it through seven stomachs and then describing how it comes out white when leaving the milk bag. The farmer quoted to the children” I have watched this process many times over the years and I still don’t know how it works – it must be magic!”

The farmer explain about his life on the farm e.g. getting up early every morning, milking the cows twice a day and making hay which is dried grass and putting it into large bails so that the cows can eat it in winter when the grass doesn’t grow long. He described how the cow with its long tongue wrapped the grass around it to pull the grass out of the ground and then chew if for a very long time. “That’s why when you see a cow they are always chewing” he said.

He talked about the different names given to cows at different stages such as calves and Heifers, telling the children that these were the babies and the teenagers. He also has on his farm donkeys, cats, and a dog and tractor. We all learnt interesting facts such as cows will usually stand with their bottom toward a wall when bad weather is coming to protect the milk bag.

Farmer Pogson asked “Does anyone know what a daddy cow is called?” to which several children replied “a bull”. One of the children asked the farmer if we could get milk from a bull and he replied “we can only get milk from the lady cows”.

Several children took the opportunity to have a turn at milking Daisy. The farmer encouraged the children to sit on a small stool at the back of the cow and gently pull downward on the udders to pretend to release milk into the bucket below. A few children posed for photos whilst sitting on the cows back.

Everyone was thrilled when Farmer Pogson said Daisy had hoped to stay at nursery on holiday for a whole fortnight but he reminded the children that she would have to be milked twice a day. The children were keen to help with this task so Julie the Manager suggested that we made a milking rota and all the children agreed that this would be a good idea.

Ending the session the pre-school group sang to Farmer Pogson who was delighted. They sang Farmer Pogson had a Farm e-i-e-i-o. Each verse we mentioned something on Farmer Pogson’s farm e.g. cows, donkeys, cats, dog and tractor.

A great time and experience was had by all including staff, children and Farmer Pogson. The children were keen to tell their parents all about it as they picked them up and to show them their new friend “Daisy” in the garden.

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