A real true Forest School experience

On Monday the children at Oakwood House discovered a deer had found his way into the forest, we witnessed him running about, trotting along our wooden bridge and munching the leaves from our trees.

The children were super excited, especially when he walked close to the windows so that we could have a real good look at him.

When he camouflage himself amongst our trees and bushes the children used binoculars to try and find him.

The deer stayed for two days and two nights and became a firm favourite with all the children, he was also very cheeky and even jumped over our fence to visit our neighbours garden which turned out to be one of the preschool children’s Grandma.

The children learnt lots of new language, numerous conversations took place about where he had come from, why he wanted to stay and what he would eat. The children learnt that Deer are herbivores, enjoy eating plants and trees…Now we know why he stayed so long!!

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