A Letter from Lydia

When Louise from Holly Bank went to visit Finland her little bear Lydia decided she wanted to stay!

Lydia promised to write to all the children at Holly Bank to tell them all about the nursery in Finland she is now living in and they have just received their first letter! All the children are very excited and are going to write back and tell her all their news.

Lydia is living at a nursery whose name translates to "Lunch Backpack" http://www.autalasta.fi/er.html

Lydia's Letter:

Greetings from *brrr* chilly Finland!

Oh, I should have brought my mittens and a woolly hat with me! There is a lot of snow here and we made a snowman outside the nursery. He was tall and kind; he agreed to take a picture with me.

After making the snowman we went back inside and I wanted to read a book. Too bad it was in Finnish and I couldn’t understand it at all, even though I tried very hard!

After reading the book I made new friends at the nursery’s playroom. Here’s Ester with me!

Children here at nursery seem to love arts! I can’t wait to get my paws dirty with paint and maybe I can go and dance with my new friends.

I hope you are all doing great XX

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