Apprentice / Trainee

Salary: Trainee

Location: All nurseries

To be trained as a Nursery Nurse, Play worker or Nursery Assistant. To contribute to a high quality caring environment for children, this includes creating a warm, friendly and stimulating atmosphere in which the children can develop emotionally, socially and educationally through individual attention and group activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • To work with children
  • To comply with all the company’s policies and procedures, with specific reference to Safeguarding
  • To attend training as required
  • To complete all assignments set
  • To work as be part of a team
  • To liaise with mentor

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Undertake training to obtain recognised qualifications, including completing assignments on time, and attending all College sessions/ tutorials (if applicable)
  • Uphold standards within the Setting by adhering to all policies and procedures
  • Strive to safeguard children by working to the company’s safeguarding Policy
  • Provide (under supervision) all aspects of care for children including washing, changing and feeding
  • Assist with meeting the personal and emotional needs of individual children
  • Provide adult interaction with children in the nursery
  • Know and implement the company confidentiality policy

Team Work

  • Contribute towards an effective and supportive team environment;
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to ensure the highest standards of care are provided;
  • Attend team meetings and contribute relevant ideas;
  • Attend out of working hours activities, e.g. training, monthly staff meetings, parents/carers evenings, Christmas party – as required;


  • Contribute to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the Setting;
  • To undertake such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature, as may be determined by the trainee’s supervisor from time to time;
  • The trainee’s duties must at all times be carried out in compliance with the Setting’s Equal Opportunities policy;
  • Look upon the Setting as a "whole" where your help can be most utilised, be constantly aware of the needs of children;
  • To respect the confidentiality of information received;
  • To ensure the Setting is a high quality environment which meets the needs of individual children from differing cultures and religious backgrounds, and stages of development;
  • To be aware of the high profile of the Setting and to uphold it's standards at all times;
  • To be aware of all emergency and fire evacuation procedures;
  • To be aware of sections 7 & 8 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974;
  • To understand that as part of training you will be required to move to other parts of the nursery or other company settings.
  • To promote and support the Setting’s policies relating to safeguarding of children and young people within the workplace.
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