Early Years Education through the COVID-19 Pandemic

50 Things to Do

The 50 Things to Do App helps parents develop their home learning environment so that far more children thrive by the age of five. As a result, more children develop the skills, language and resilience needed in school and beyond.

Each of the 50 Things have been carefully developed by education experts and early years practitioners following consultation with parents, and we’ve made sure that children with special education needs are included and that each of the 50 Things means something across our culturally diverse communities.

Playing and learning at home

The Early Years Alliance has produced a variety of resources to help families continue their children's learning and development at home during the summer months.

There are more than 100 videos of songs, rhymes, activity sessions and children's cooking sessions plus videos specifically to help parents nurture their children's development.

Please feel free to share the link with your families.

Watch the videos

Talking to children about coronavirus

It is inevitable that even very young children will pick up on the levels of anxiety around them about the virus, even if they do not fully understand the context of the current situation.

Therefore, it is important that early years practitioners respond to any concerns that children express in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

15 Early Years Apps to Continue Learning at Home

A few of the best apps that are not only entertaining for your children, but also beneficial for their young minds. Click here.


If you haven't received one of our emails full or resources and activity ideas please contact your nursery manager! We also have a variety of home learning packs you are welcome to borrow to do at home with your child.

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