Our menus work on a 3 week rotation to enable us to offer the children at our nurseries a diverse range of tastes and dishes.

The menu aligns with a number of measures that create better futures for children, such as the Eco School values and the Food for Life Award, offering a healthy, low carbon footprint menu.

You can download our latest Spring/Summer menu below.

Ted loves his food and we've found him a tricky customer at times when it comes to his dinner at home. As parents, it is very reassuring to know he gets a balanced and nutritional meal whilst at nursery and we can try and supplement this at the end of the day with his dinner.

Ted’s Parents, Harlequin 2021

I’ve always wanted to give Zoë a good foundation when it comes to food. Especially introducing vegetables and a variety of healthy foods. Because of multiple food allergies and a desire to eat less meat, we eat a lot of vegan food anyway, so knowing that she goes somewhere where she is guaranteed healthy, nutritious food is invaluable.

Zoë's Mum, Oakwood House 2020

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