We have been enjoying a fabulous start to the summer at Fairfield, exploring a variety of activities and experiences in the garden. The children have been exploring cause and effect when they use the water wall to transport water and objects using different techniques and working together to problem solve. Our babies have been tuning in to their environment when watching the trees blowing in the wind and using their developing physical skills to explore the different ways of moving when walking over the bridge and crawling up and down the slope. We have been looking at the different visitors we now have in our garden, from insects to squirrels, and are learning about life cycles and habitats.

I would like to say a big Thank you to the parents that have given their time over the last term to come in and share their skills, job roles with the children at focused learning group times, this experience has been invaluable to their learning, if any other parents would like to arrange to come in to share their interests, hobbies, talk about their job role or just to do an activity or read a story to the children, please speak to a staff member we would love to arrange a date with you.

As it comes to a very sad time of the year where we have to say goodbye to our Reception Class leavers who are flying the nest for their next big adventure, you have all been a pleasure to care for over the years and we will miss you all very much! Just a reminder that if you haven’t informed your child’s keyperson of their allocated school please could you contact them ASAP so we can make preparations for transitions with the local schools.

To celebrate we will be having a Reception Class leavers picnic and graduation in the garden on 27th June 14.30-15.30 if you can confirm your attendance that would be appreciated.

Summer holidays are fast approaching and I would like to give a gentle reminder to email your holiday dates, or to please call nursery if your child is going to be absent for the day, this is to ensure we are safeguarding our children at all times.

Learning focus at the moment


Our learning focus with our older preschool children has been their transition to school and what they can expect when they enter their new learning environment. We have been reading stories about starting school and having discussions in our key person groups about the colour of our uniform, school lunches, etc. Our children have been practising their fine motor skills and independence when doing fastenings on their clothing, washing hands, toileting and finding their own belongings to adventure out in to the garden, this has improved their confidence and resilience ensuring they will be able to cope in their next chapter.

Our younger preschool children have had an interest in different animals, we have noticed the season changing in our garden, flowers are growing and attracting lots of different wildlife. We have been extending our knowledge on animals habits, their babies, what they produce when looking at the bees in the garden. We have increased our repertoire of songs during our keyperson time and have learnt a variety of new songs to support our understanding of animals, their properties, and their habitats.

Preschool have been embracing “Our voice Council” which we are holding once a month for the children to have their voice heard through the resources and environment and daily routine we provide for them. One of the things they mentioned on their last meeting was eating outside in the garden, something we enjoy doing during the nicer months and a social experience which all children should benefit from. When asking the children why they like eating outdoors they said “because it makes us feel good when we are outside and the sunshine makes us happy”.


As we start to become more aware of our immediate family members, we have been giving our toddler children the opportunity to explore different families, animals too! We have made beautiful pictures for people who are special to us, we have used our understanding of families and played games to match animals to their babies. We have enjoyed making marks using our gross motor movements outside in the garden painting with water on the chalk boards and using ribbon sticks we made choosing our own materials out of the craft crate. We have been painting with nature and give meanings to the marks we are making with pinecones and twigs, extending our vocabulary and introducing lots of new words.

We have been using our problem solving and critical shared thinking when building dens in the garden, to share stories with our friends or hide inside when we are running from the bear when acting out “We are going on a bear hunt” story.


With lots of new babies starting in our baby unit, we have been focusing on making those strong key person attachments to help our children settle into their new environment and routine. We have been exploring all things sensory to encourage the children to share new experiences when supported by their key person, to form attachments and trusting relationships.

The babies have been buzzing about the garden, using their new found ways of moving to access all the different activities. We have been using the bridge to walk across and practise our balance and co-ordination, and have been using the chalk boards on the wall to pull ourselves up to standing encouraging our confidence in making those first steps.

We have enjoyed sharing our knowledge and expertise with the wider community putting on baby sensory classes and rhyme time for toddlers which have all been very popular.

Outdoor Play Focus

Our children have been exploring our local woodland areas as part of our forest school sessions, we have talked about habitats, looked at insects and using what they already to know to share stories and experiences at group time. We then focused on our outdoor area and how we could incorporate the children’s interest in bear dens to their nursery environment, we have been using our gross motor skills and communication techniques to build dens and make shelters for ourselves and animals in our garden.

Project Update

We are working towards our ECO school award this year again with the support from our amazing project lead Nina. We will be incorporating the children’s voice from the council when completing our evidence for this and create knowledge for the children around being more eco friendly when in nursery and how we can do this, what does it mean.

We have entered for the nursey world award for Inclusive practise. The team and myself have been working very hard to complete our Dingley’s Promise training for inclusive practise, meaning that all our children and the community have the best possible start, strategies and targets in place to support things such as communication and language and behaviour that may challenge. We all know that the early we intervene the best outcomes we will have for our children.

Staff News

Megan Armitage is in completion of her EPA for her level 2 qualification, well done Megan the team are very proud of you!


Kirsty will be leaving on maternity leave at the end of term ready for her baby due in August, we want to wish her all the luck and we cant wait to meet them!

Welcome back from maternity leave Courtney who will be joining the toddler team in September, we have missed you and cant wait to have you back with us.

Further Information

Mobile Phones

Please can I remind parents that the use of mobile phones on nursery premises is strictly prohibited, you must not take any photographs or videos at nursery or at any nursery events. Using your mobile phone breaks the statutory welfare requirements and is also a breach of safeguarding policies to which we must adhere.

Lost and Found property

We kindly request your cooperation in labelling your child's belongings, including shoes, clothes, hats and other personal items. Clear labelling with your child's name will help ensure that everything is returned to its rightful owner. This simple step will save time and minimise any potential mix-ups. Please check the Lost and Found property boxes periodically to retrieve any misplaced items.

Summer Clothing

As the weather gets warmer please ensure your child has suitable clothing to participate comfortably in all aspects of outdoor play that are all clearly labelled with their name and that can be kept at nursery.

We would kindly request that you bring suitable footwear for participating in outdoor play that will protect your child’s feet when it’s too hot for wellingtons. (No crocs, open toe sandals or flip flops)

Sun cream

Please could parents help prepare your child for outdoor play by applying sun cream before they come to nursery. We will of course be applying the sun cream routinely throughout the course of the day on the sunny days. If your child has allergens to the nursery suncream please can you provide your own for your child to be kept at nursery.

Payment Reminder

Quite a few payments are coming in after 1st of the month. Just a reminder that all payments must reach our bank account before the 1st of each month this includes all childcare vouchers, Tax Free Childcare Payments and Bank Transfers. Any parents paying by SLC with need to pay their monthly top up amount by 1st also. Please note that payments usually take 3-4 business days to reach our account.

Any payments received after 1st of the month will incur a £20 late payment charge and continued failure to pay will be charged at a daily rate of 8% of the outstanding debt.

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