Wild About Winter

Wild About Winter

This month the children at Portland House Nursery have been working towards strengthening their pre writing skills by undertaking activities to develop hand –eye coordination, elbow & wrist pivot and pincer grip. One of their favourite activities involved using real tools safely and appropriately in which the children hammered golf tees into melons.

With the spare melons some children made wonderful melon bowl bird feeders to hang in their gardens at home. The children and their parents have told us all about the wildlife visitors they have now had in their gardens. We are really pleased with this news because with all this cold weather and snow we have been learning about the effects winter has for us and wildlife animals including natural changes.

As well as getting physically active in the snow outdoors we have used the benefits of winter to explore the snow scientifically by carrying out freezing and melting experiments. We even experimented with colour change using food colouring to make our own ‘snow potions’.

We would like to say ‘Well Done’ to all parents this month for bringing in family photographs; we have used them to create a lovely all about me board which is provoking some lovely conversations from the children. Thank you again for your support.

Links to the EYFS: (PD) Physical Development; (UW) Understanding the World; (EAD) Expressive Arts & Designs;

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