Wellbeing Week for Toddlers

This week is children’s mental health week so we have been taking part in lots of wellbeing activities. Today the Portland House toddlers had a go at making some dream catchers, first the children had a go at doing some drawing on their paper before Bethany helped to fold the picture up.

We spoke about using scissors and how we need to use them safely to avoid us getting hurt. We had a discussion about how to hold them safely, the sharp edges and how to operate the scissors opening and closing them using our hands. The children had a go at holding the scissors with Bethany and cutting some patterns into the paper. Once finished cutting we opened the paper back up choose a pipe cleaner to attach at a handle and added some collage material for decoration.

We also enjoyed having some foot spas, feeling different textures on our feet, listening to sounds around our outdoor environment and took part in some yoga sessions with calming music and soft lighting.

At home activity - Maybe you could try having some quiet relaxation time looking at the different colours and talking about how you feel with Mummy and Daddy.

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