Visit to Cannon Hall

The Portland House pre-school children had a wonderful time visiting Cannon Hall Farm on a beautiful sunny day.

The children explored many different animals on the farm including, cows, goats, Meerkats, sheep and a three day old baby Alpaca. The children were fascinated to see a colony of ants hard at work transporting food to their ant hole right above their heads.

During the guided tour the children learnt many interesting facts, including “pigs use the mud that they roll around in as sun cream and to keep themselves cool as they don’t produce sweat”. The children were able to feed the animals and handle a rabbit and guinea pig.

The tractor ride had to be one of the children’s favourite experience from the day, where they travelled around the farm exploring more animals.Other activities included testing their physical skills on the outdoor adventure park and playing hide and seek in the tubed maze.

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