Victory for the early years sector

A big thank you to those parents who signed the petition demanding the Government rethink plans to change staffing ratios. Nick Clegg announced today that this would no longer be happening.

There has been a lot of coverage in press and on TV and we have provided a link below to what I consider to be a fairly reasoned response. Asking staff, no matter how well qualified, to care for 6 toddlers instead of 4; 4 babies instead of 3 and 13 pre-school children instead of 8 was never going work. Our children deserve to be cared for in an environment where they can learn and develop new skills in small groups. Suggesting this change as a way of making childcare more affordable was nonsense. If any Government really wants childcare to be “affordable” then they need to follow the lead of France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia and most other European countries and Australia and subsidise the cost. It is outrageous that the UK lags so far behind on this issue and trying to make the providers reduce their fees by cramming more children and less staff into our nurseries is a recipe for disaster.

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