Tummy Time

It’s Tummy Time in the Baby Room at Portland House. Tummy time is a great way for your baby to strengthen their neck muscles to prepare them for crawling. It also helps them to get ready to push up, move from side to side, roll over, sit up, and eventually stand.

The babies at Portland have been interacting with the staff, playing with instruments, looking at picture books, and even making hand prints with paint on their tummies.

Here are some ways in which to make tummy time comfortable and fun for babies

• Parents join in with tummy time; get down on the floor with your baby and interact. • Create a stimulating floor space for ‘tummy time’ with soft colourful cushions, soft play and gym balls. • Place a mirror on the floor or favourite toy will encourage babies to use their neck muscles. • Share books on tummies. • Listen to music and participate in the rhythm, wriggle and rhyme.

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