Transient Art at Oakwood

Our Pre-School children have had great fun creating masterpieces in the garden recently creating wonderful pictures and patterns on a large and small scale.

Transient art is the use of various natural resources to create a picture, pattern or structure, a process of creating with loose parts which has no permanent end product. When we provide children with lots of natural materials to play with the learning opportunities become endless, igniting their imagination.

Transient Art can be linked to many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Using natural materials gives lots of opportunities for children to explore their senses and improve cognitive ability. Open ended and loose parts play lets children develop and master skills at their own pace without the necessity for an end product. It provides new experiences for children to extend their own learning. It allows children to think creatively, develop concepts, plan and represent ideas. It improves concentration and the ability to complete tasks. They will chat about repeating patterns, non-standard shapes such as spirals, and comparisons of size. The fluid nature of the process especially outdoors allows children to experiment with space as they create.

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