Stone Soup

The children at Oakwood House got a new book this week called Stone Soup by Heather Forest. The story is about two hungry travellers who arrive at a village expecting to find a house that will share a bit of food. To their surprise, villager after villager refuses to share. As they sit to rest beside a well, one of the travellers observes that if the townspeople have no food to share, they must be "in greater need than we are." With that, the travellers demonstrate their special recipe for a magical soup, using a stone as a starter. This story about community teaches the children the importance of sharing, generosity and vegetables!

This story inspired the children to visit the mud kitchen and make their own concoctions to share.

The children experience sensory, emotional and imaginative play as well as developing maths, science and speaking skills. Mud Kitchen play covers all 7 areas of learning and is an excellent resource.

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