Stick Man

This week in Forest School at Oakwood the children have been very creative making stick men from the resources they have found in the garden.

They have learnt how to use secateurs safely and cut their sticks to size. This type of environmental art is great fun and a huge learning activity. The children learnt sequencing and ordering deciding which sticks to use, how long they needed to be, counting how many sticks are required, problem solving how to build the house and exploring the properties of materials which are the best for the job. Extending vocabulary and using their imagination. Helps to develop motor skills and share ideas.

It links to the EYFS in many ways Expressive art and design: how to make a stick man and his family Communication: listening to instructions, physical activities – fine motor development using the secateurs safely Small world: using a selection of twigs that children can make stick man and his family, then using small logs, leaves and pebbles to build his house. Construction play: building the stick man’s house and making habitats for animals

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