Science Week

The Harlequin babies enjoyed exploring light and dark on our sensory tray. We turned off the lights in the room and made it dark. We watched the twinkly star lights light up the tray and shone these in the mirrors. We used the chunky torches to shine on the tray too and create shadows.

The babies also enjoyed putting the metal rings into the magnetic dishes and showed curiosity as to how they got stuck. The babies developed their fine motor and hand eye-coordination skills by picking them up and pulling them out of the magnetic dishes. We used simple language such as "it's stuck" "sticky" and "pull" to also develop our communication and language skills. We also enjoyed exploring the cloud dough that we made with corn flour and baby lotion. We mixed the two together and watched the consistency change. We used our hands and fingers to explore the texture and introduced key words such as "soft" "smooth" and "squishy".

The Hollybank toddlers had so much fun getting messy for science week! We mixed shaving foam and paint together to create a foamy explosion. The children used different brushes and their hands to mix them together. We talked about the colours changing and how it began to look like lava!

We have also been experimenting with different ingredients, we watched food colouring, baking soda and vinegar turn into magical foam, it was like magic!

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