Sail the Seven Seas with Shabang!

The children and parents at Holly Bank Nursery had some special visitors to the nursery this week, Captain Barnacle Bill and Barmy Bess in their Rocky Bottom from the local children’s charity Shabang! They performed a dazzling multi -sensory show signing songs, telling stories and signing in Makaton. They had everyone pulling on the anchor rope hoisting up the sails!

Shabang Inclusive Learning are based at The Watershed in Slaithwaite. Founders Kim and Russ run weekly sessions from babies to pre-schoolers with additional needs called Little Tiddlers. Shabang is our nominated charity this year at Holly Bank and across all the nurseries within the Portland Nurseries Group. So far, we have all collectively raised over £3000 through our fundraising events and activities and we hope to at least double this figure over the coming year.

Many of our nursery parents with children who have additional needs receive continued support from Shabang Inclusive Learning, so we felt a connection to this special charity. By raising money and awareness we can help ensure that Shabang can continue their amazing work raising positive awareness and creative projects for children and young adults for years to come. Fundraising at Portland Nurseries is not only about raising money but raising awareness, supporting a cause that we believe in; giving out a positive message; helping a charity that is close to our hearts; bringing our nursery community together, the parents, the children, relatives and the staff team.

It is about educating the children in our care. To teach them the importance of helping and respecting others, to understand the differences in the world around us. For many children it is a first step into forming their first communities. Demonstrating to the children the positive outcomes of fundraising not only for the charity but for themselves, how happy it can make you feel and of course having lots of fun helping others on the way”

You can find out more about Shabang by visiting their website where you can see some short films they have made and listen to or download their songs. . You can also watch them for free on early years You Tube channel Boggelsox or follow them on Facebook and twitter @shabangtheatre

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