Preschool Visit to Ponderosa

The Portland House preschool children in Bluebells and Sunflowers had an exciting adventure visiting Ponderosa therapeutic centre in Heckmondwike. We travelled by minibus and when we arrived were greeted by Eve and Elise who took us on an educational tour of the animals around the centre.

We saw a variety of animals such as different breeds of birds, monkeys, silver foxes, meerkats, reindeers, pigs, tortoises, baby bunnies and racoon dogs amongst a few. In the reptile house we saw lots of snakes and lizards and were able to touch or hold the bearded dragon. After we looked at the animals we had to ensure we washed our hands very well so that we didn’t spread any germs and kept ourselves and the animals safe.

After a scrumptious picnic lunch we had some fun practising our physical skills rough and tumbling in the adventure play barn. We then went to the stable arena where each of the children had the opportunity to have a horse ride. There were 2 horses which the children could choose to ride on, a small white one and a large black horse. The children had to try the riding hats on to see which size they would need and then they could choose their horse. They were all very brave sitting beautifully on the horse as it trotted around the arena, Anne and Kayleigh were feeling adventurous and had a ride on the horses too.

The children then spent time in the outdoor adventure playground, climbing, sliding, and balancing on the equipment, before heading back to nursery to tell our friends and families about our wonderful day’s adventures.

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