Pre-school trip to National Coal Mining Museum

Today the children from Oakwood House Pre-school had a ‘trip day’ and went to The National Coal Mining Museum. We travelled by public transport and the children displayed such good manners and behaviour when travelling. On our way we were very lucky to pass beautiful views that got the children talking about what they could see. “Look there is Emley Moor Mast” Henry informed us! The children spoke about how “big and high” it was and also practiced their knowledge of letter sounds. “Look there is a cow that begins with a ‘C’ said Dilan. When we arrived the children went to visit the horses in the stables, we met a very big horse named Finn that popped his head over the gate to say “Hello” We then went into the museum and were greeted by some ladies who had lots of exciting things planned for us. Firstly we sang a song about “Morris the miner” to the tune of “the saints go marching one by one”, we really enjoyed singing this in a very loud voice so that the miners knew we had arrived! We then listened to a story all about a missing hat, we then had to go in search of a miners hat and on the way we learnt all about what a miner wears. This was much fun and we enjoyed looking through the drawers to see what we could find. Lastly we went to a craft room and made a ‘miners headlamp’, this is what a miner wears to see underground. The people at the coal mining museum complimented us on our good behaviour and how well mannered we all were, this made us all really happy. We finished with a snack on the picnic tables and enjoyed another bus journey back to the nursery.

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