Pre-school Building a 'Fairy House'

Today the children from Oakwood House Pre-school we set off into our garden to make a magical fairy house. Our persona dolls Sage and Onion came with us and told us a story about how the strong winds in the night had blown the fairies house down and that they had chosen us to help build a new one! We were very excited and embarked on a search around our garden to find natural materials to make the perfect house. Caitlin found a small stone that had moss growing along the bottom, she was very imaginative and suggested we use it as the fairies “hairbrush”. The children collected lots of sticks, leaves, acorns and conker shells and gave lots of ideas what to use each item for. We then worked as a team to make the house ‘perfect for a fairy’. Jack and William made a swing for the fairies on a nearby tree using a small twig and string, Jack was very proud when he was able to tie a knot all by himself! We finished our house with a trail of silver fairy glitter so that the fairies could easily find it in the dark. Sage and Onion were very proud of our hard work and rewarded us with a WOW card.

Links to EYFS Expressive arts and design: Being imaginative, uses available resources to create props to support play. Communication and language: Speaking, uses talk in pretending that objects stand for something else in play e.g. this box is my castle.

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