The Portland House Holiday Club have had an AMAZING summer holiday 2017!! The children have participated in lots of different activities from visits to The Climbing Wall, Play World, Eureka, hosting a Hill Billy Day and even a trip to Pondarosa where the children really enjoyed looking at all the different animals and reptiles!

The children also took part in a scavenger hunt through Lindley and worked really well as part of a team. They had to take photographs of objects e.g. something tall, something yellow, something shiny, a Disney character and something that costs £1 which made us explore all the shops through Lindley and around our local community.

“Room on a Broom” trail in Wakefield was another fun day out for the Club!! We walked around Angler’s Park and purchased an activity pack which included a map of the route where we had to find characters from the "Room on a Broom" book. Even though it rained for most of the day, we still managed to have lots of fun on the way round, exploring the natural environment.

“Think Forensic Company” was a new visit for the Fun Club this summer and the children learnt lots of interesting facts about DNA and studied their own fingerprints! We even got to look through a microscopic camera and zoomed in on a jumper which showed different coloured fluff and hair which was very entertaining!

On the fundraising front, the children took part in a charity car wash where they had lots of fun, working together as teams to wash and dry cars. We also enjoyed making buns and cakes to sell on the day, raising a magnificient £130.00!!

As always, the Fun Clubbers love visiting our Forest School down at Oakwood House Nursery and this summer enjoyed lots of woodland adventures including den making, creating fairy houses and playing lots of muddy games as well as many more messy and creative activities.

As you can see from the above, the Fun Club has had a very busy time, making the most of the sunny weather and we look forward to welcoming old friends and hopefully new ones at our October half term club. For further details please contact the nursery.

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