Our favourite colour is green!


This week the children at Portland Nurseries have been taking part in the National People and Planet ‘Go Green Week’ by learning the importance of recycling, up-cycling and greener homes!

To support this event for the children, parents and employees at Portland House Nursery are setting up their very own recycling centre to collect materials for their brilliant ‘Big Build Activity’ on Friday 13th February. The children will be dressing in green and working together to create a big loose parts sculpture in the garden from boxes, tubes, cartons and many other recyclables.

The children at Oakwood House Nursery & Forest School are learning the importance of saving trees by recycling and are celebrating this with a huge book swap event. The preschool children are also taking part in a ‘well-being’ walk while learning about the benefits of walking and exercise and how it is a ‘greener’ alternative for our planet.

Go Green week coincides with the first Global Divestment Day of Action, which will take place on 13th February 2015. The aim is to draw people’s attention to climate change and encourage the use of greener alternatives!


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