Music Session - Pulse and Rhythm

Portland House preschool children in Bluebells and Sunflowers had their first session with Music teacher Lyn who came to visit us on Monday 18th July. In today’s session we learnt about PULSE & RHYTHM through a variety of different activities.

Activity 1 Understanding our different voices in a ‘question and answer’ activity Leader ‘Can you use your quiet voice? Children ‘yes we can, yes we can’ We also practised other voices such as speaking, whispering, loud, humming and singing.

Activity 2 Whilst listening to the ‘Viennese clock’ Feeling the pulse – clenching and unclenching hands to the music Tapping the pulse on head, shoulders, knees, toes using repetitions of 4

Activity 3 We had great fun speaking and singing several rhymes whilst tapping out the pulse with a fist on our shoes, a djembe drum and then tapping the rhythm with two fingers on the palm of our hands and also using chop sticks.

Activity 4 We learnt how to speak a rhyme whilst moving to the PULSE, using arm actions to match the rhythm of the rhyme and learnt about syllables and words in the rhyme and songs that have two sounds e.g. ‘Lon-Don’.

Activity 5 We learned several new songs and all about improvising, the children were encouraged to be creative with their ideas think of suggestions for 2 syllable words for different pies. Some of the suggestions they made were, chicken, apple, ice cream, cabbage, lemon and rhubarb. I, I, me oh my, How I love my ‘cherry pie’.

We are all excitedly looking forward to our next session with Lyn on Wednesday 3rd August at 2.30pm and will be practising our PULSE and RHYTHM over the next few weeks.

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