Let me tell you a story… Daisy the bouncing Princess

This week is National Storytelling Week. The children have had great fun in the story circle outside. We have had the Gruffalo visit and today the children made up their own story by taking it in turns with each line.

“Once upon a time, a long long time ago there was a princess. The princess was jumping on the bed and fell off. Her mummy came in and said no more jumping on the bed. The princess went into the forest and met a prince. They loved each other. They played games in the Forest then got married and lived happily ever after.”

Creating and retelling stories is a favourite activity especially outdoors in our story circle. It allows the children to enter into their imaginary worlds and builds confidence. As well as helping their language development and speaking and listening skills, storytelling helps children build positive relationships, learn about other cultures, and helps them to understand the world around them.

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