Learning about Ladybirds

The Portland babies have really enjoyed having the two ladybird books out as special request books for the month. At the start of the month 'Ladybird' was a word not that commonly spoken about in our baby room and now it is mentioned most days, the older children have really enjoyed sitting through the longer story and doing the farm animal noises from 'What the ladybird heard next' book whilst the younger children have enjoyed the flaps and mirrors in the 'Where's Mrs. ladybird' book. To embed our learning about ladybirds we have also had real ladybirds for the children to hold and look at whilst reading the books and we have been on bug hunts in the garden, now that the children are more familiar with ladybird pictures and vocabulary they have shown greater interest in our bug board outside in the baby garden wanting to name and hunt for all of them.


Lady bird, lady bird fly away home

Your house is on fire, your children all gone

All but one and her name is Ann and she crept under the pudding pan


  • Ladybirds are also known as lady beetles or ladybird beetles.
  • They are considered beneficial as they eat other plant-eating insects.
  • Ladybirds are colourful so they can warn predators not to eat them!
  • They are beetles, not bugs!
  • Winter doesn't bother them – they live through it!
  • Not all ladybirds look the same!

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