International Polar Bear Day!

The children at Fairfield have been investigating ‘all things polar bear’ this week to deepen our understanding of Artic animals, endangered animals and global warming.

Our children know if we don’t put our rubbish in the bin and try to recycle different materials then this can end up in our seas, polluting our ocean and beaches. The children sorted materials when we did a big beach clean-up in our sand tray, we had to use our fine motor skills to pinch the tweezers together to put the rubbish in our bin bags.

Toddlers enjoyed being creative and making polar bears using a variety of media and materials, showing increasing effort when trying to reach an end goal. We have been making marks in our snow dough in the garden using different sized brushes and made “tracks in the snow” like the Gruffalo’s child follows in the story.

Preschool have been experimenting with the climate which polar bears live, making iceberg jars with shaving foam and food colouring, watching the colours drip through the foam and disappear in the water below.

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