International Mud Day

The children at Harlequin have had a great time exploring mud to celebrate International Mud Day.

Preschool celebrated by adventuring into our mud kitchen! The children weren't afraid to get their hands stuck in making mud pies, brownies and even a mud birthday cake.

The toddlers used clay to create models to send home. They loved exploring the different textures of the clay, squeezing it in their hands. Some of them even described it as "soft" and "squishy". To create these models, they used scissors and sculpting tools. A few of the toddlers even learnt how to make a ball with the clay by rubbing their hands together.

The babies also enjoyed exploring the clay, using their hands and tools to feel the texture, water was added to make it slippery and they loved getting their hands covered and using the excess to make marks through in the tray.

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