If you do down to the woods today......

If you had visited the woods today at Oakwood House you would have been sure of a big surprise. Our parents had come to play!!!

At Oakwood House we have run our first Forest School workshop for parents. A great time was had by all who took part and we all gained an insight into the fun the children have at nursery and how the outdoor learning environment is magical. We learnt about boundaries, independence and how we structure the sessions.

Our parents collected natural resources and learnt how to lash and knot sticks together to make a reflection star. They played a number of games which were great fun, then we all went on an adventure to the nook nook village in the garden listening out for the sneezy dragon. Mini dens (fairy houses) were built and we ended with cooking dough around the fire and reflecting on what we had enjoyed.

Forest School is an excellent way to build confidence, develop team work skills and learn about nature.

“All the group activities were really good. Fire making a highlight” “Excited to learn new skills and meet other staff and parents” “ Loved the team games and encouraging imagination”

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