Healthy Harvest

The baby room at Oakwood House have been exploring the different cultures of the world and this month we have paid particular attention to Harvest Festival.

Celebrating the Harvest Festival at Stay & Play led to parents and grandparents coming into nursery to engage in different activities to learn all about it together. Parents and children alike loved making a harvest soup with different vegetables from around the world, including squash, potato and sweet potatoes. Our chef Ross came to help bringing an array of cooking knives and utensils to help us learn about safety rules and to ensure the soup tasted scrumptious.

Autumn links in nicely with the Harvest Festival so we decided to look closely at the matching colours, we have been able to see lots of lovely orange colours that parents and the babies have loved exploring. Outside the babies have been jumping on leaf piles, printing on the walls and fences, throwing leaves all around, creating sticky leaf pictures and rolling in the leaves, having lots of well-earned FUN!

A huge thank you to all of the families who came to enjoy all of the fun!

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