Healthy Body, Happy Me Week

The children at Holly Bank Nursery have been gearing up for the Healthy Body, Happy Me Week.

The babies enjoyed visiting the local fruit and vegetable shop in Birkby. They noticed the vast array of colours of the fruit and vegetables and on the way back to Nursery they spotted a bright red fire engine!

The Toddlers have enjoyed looking more closely at the healthy foods we eat. They have been touching, smelling, cutting and eating different fruits and have also been very kind sharing fruit with Squidge and Simmy, our guinea pigs to make sure they stay healthy too.

The pre-schoolers have been exploring the soil turning the beds over; ready to plant a variety of seeds where we will be attempting to grow tomatoes, parsnips, carrots, onions and lettuce. The pre-schoolers have been learning that we need soil, water and sunlight for our seeds to grow. While they were digging in the soil they spotted worms and decided to collect some of them and put them in a wormery!

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