Happy World Tuna Day!

The Harlequin babies have explored and splashed in the water activities set up, focusing on words such as fish, splash, cold and wet. We found sticks and made fishing rods and went fishing. We had made some frozen cubes with sea creatures set into the ice, the frozen Sealife fascinated the children as they watched it drip and melt in the sun as they played. To end the day we made fish puppets with our hands and used them as we sang songs including '1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive' and 'Baby shark'

Our toddler and preschool children had so much fun learning about the tuna fish and why it’s important to manage stocks by sustainable fishing. We also read a book about sharing called the ‘Rainbow Fish’, who shares his scales in order to make friends with the other fish.

The toddlers then made their own big colourful tuna fish, by using colourful craft materials to stick to make a group collage.

The preschool enjoyed some tuna tasting and made their own fish on a fishing line to take home.

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