Happy Eid Al-Fitr to our Fairfield families

A special day for our Fairfield children celebrating Eid this week, we have provided the children with a variety of different activities to support their understanding and expand their knowledge around Eid, why some of our children celebrate, what this means for them, and why it is so special. We talked at circle time about the planned events for their day, going to Mosque for prayers and then meeting with family for a meal and exchange gifts.

Our preschool have been looking at stories around Eid and we have looked at a variety of different sacred places when building in the construction area. We have looked at pattern and shapes when we have been designing out own henna patterns in the creative area. The toddler children have been focusing on their hand eye coordination when using the pens to create a pattern, we used the language of size when drawing around our hands observing and comparing biggest and smallest.

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