From the garden to the table!

We have had lots of blackberries growing all over the garden at Oakwood House and some of the toddlers have been learning which blackberries are good to eat.

On Tuesday Jessica took the children around the garden to pick the blackberries asking if we could eat the green ones. “No, only the black ones” replied Eve and Isla. The children really enjoyed this activity and when the blackberries were all picked, the children took them to Ross (our cook) “I’m going to mix these in with some apple for our crumble tomorrow” said Ross. “Thank you” said Eve, Zara, M and Zara B.

The next day Jessica and the children Zara, Eve, Freddie and Charlie helped Ross make the crumble. We were told by Ross to wait until the crumbs were golden brown then it would be ready to eat! We came back in the afternoon and tasted our delicious homemade crumble. The children said it was “YUMMY”. 

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