Free Trees for Harlequin Nursery

Nursery Children from Harlequin Nursery, Edgerton have become one of the lucky organisations to receive free hedge row trees to plant within the nursery grounds kindly donated by the Woodland Trust and Sainsbury’s Active Kids. The packs contain native dog rose, elder, cherry plum, hazel, crab apple and blackthorn saplings. All of which, when mature will not only provide shelter and habitats, but also edible nuts and fruit for the surrounding wildlife.

Harlequin Manager Ruth Tattersall said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the nursery children to learn about the natural environment, we are lucky to be situated within a woodland conservation area full of local wildlife, the children are very excited about attracting animals to the newly planted hedgerows. It is an ideal way to encourage the children to learn through nature and positive outdoor experiences and to attract the local wildlife through the colder winter months.

The children planted the hedgerows on Wednesday 17th November at 2:30pm, with the help of pre-school children, parents, staff and the Manager of Sainsbury’s Local (Lindley)

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