Forest Fun!

This week in our forest school the Portland preschool have been exploring making our own ink. Firstly we ground up charcoal from an old camp fire before crushing it into a powder. Then we experimented with the powder to make an ink. We started by adding water, then we tried oil and finally a mix of them both. We also ground up organic materials like grasses and leaves and replicated the prosses of adding water or oil.

After we had our new ink we needed something to write with. So we found some great sticks and using an easy peeler managed to flatten one edge, this made writing so much easier. The children enjoyed scribing letters, numbers and illustrations to create their own outdoor stories in preparation for world book day.

We also spent a lot of time planting bulbs in pots getting ready for spring. We had a wide selection of bulbs to plant bright and colourful flowers. We discussed why it might be important to have bright plants in our gardens, some of the children said they didn’t have any flowers in their gardens yet.

After we had our groups focus sessions Simon left the potting station open to offer any children the opportunity to plant more. We kept a determined groups of around seven children on task who could not plant enough bulbs.

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