Fly Fly Away

The children at Oakwood House have had an exciting time learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. The caterpillars came in a tub along with some special food and the children observed them daily to see how quickly and how much the caterpillars grew. The children were amazed to see the caterpillars then build a cocoon around themselves.

The caterpillars, in their cocoon, were then placed in our butterfly nest where we waited for them to transform into beautiful butterflies. The children learnt to handle them carefully and enjoyed talking about the different sized butterflies we might get and the different colours. Finally the day came and our caterpillars are now butterflies! We were all very excited. We gave them oranges and apples to help make them strong and kept them in our nest until their wings were strong enough to fly.

The children were all fascinated when we released them into our garden giving them lots of encouragement and praise as they began their flight into our forest school. One didn’t want to leave us!!

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