Feed the Birds

A great time was had by everyone at Oakwood House Stay and Play on 14th February. We were celebrating National Nest Box Week (14th - 21st February). It is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology and is all about helping birds. It reminds us that now is the time to put up nest boxes for our garden birds at the start of their breeding seasons. Winter can be a tough time for birds. Food is in shorter supply and if an ice frost creeps over it can harden nuts and berries and make it impossible to eat them.

During the Stay and Play activities we all listened to bird song and completed some bird ID sheets before decorating and building 2 nest boxes to go in the garden. We are hoping to put cameras in the nest boxes so we can see what is happening inside!!

We also made some bird feeders from pine cones, lard and bird seed. The children took these home to hang in their gardens.

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