Eggscellent' egg sandwiches

This week is British Sandwich Week!

Following on from learning about the life cycle of a chicken the children at Portland house this week will have the opportunity to learn how to make a British classic with our 'eggscellent' egg sandwich activities.

As well as cooking skills, children will learn all about the benefits of eggs, where they come from and how to handle them.

Learning aims:

Finding out about living things Understand where our food comes from Practice good hygiene procedures Make healthy choices Gain independence and self care skills Work with others Learn to share and take turns Making choices.

Activity at home

Show your child the eggs and ask if they know where they come from. Talk about different types of eggs e.g. hen eggs, duck eggs etc. Give your child an egg to hold. Encourage them to handle the egg gently so it doesn’t break. Talk to them about the shell of the egg and what if feels like Break an egg into a bowl. Talk about the different parts of the egg (white and yolk) inside the shell. Encourage your child to talk about what they see Next, explain you are going to cook the egg. Talk about the importance of handwashing between handling the raw egg and the cooked egg. Also remind your child about the dangers of hot water and keeping safe Boil the eggs in the kitchen away from your child and allow them to cool In the meantime, encourage your child to wash their hands, talking about the importance of good hygiene procedures when handing food Get your child to help prepare and set out the ingredients and resources needed for making sandwiches Support your child to butter their own bread and prepare the additional filling e.g. slice/chop tomatoes, pick and wash the cress When cool give your child an egg. Talk about the differences between the raw and cooked eggs, and support children to remove the shell of the egg Help children to chop up the egg and choose an additional filling e.g. tomato, cress. Support them to make their own sandwich whilst discussing the health benefits of eggs and the other fillings Enjoy!

Extending the activity

Carry out a baking activity, such as making cakes, to show how eggs can be used in baking Make scrambled egg with your child. Encourage them to whisk the raw eggs and notice the difference when cooked - then serve it up! Visit the shops to buy ingredients Visit a farm to find out more about where eggs come from. We would be delighted if you could send us some photos of your ‘eggcellent’ activities you have taken part in at home for our nursery news.

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