Easter Fun

We have had lots of fun doing our Easter activities at Fairfield both indoors and outdoors. As the weather gets warmer we have been outside building shelters to sit under and read stories, on Tuesday we sat under the den we built and made a camp fire, we toasted marshmallows and talked about how fire can burn and that firefighters use water to put out fires. We talking about the texture of out marsh mellow, would it still be soft when we cooked it? Some children thought it would be very hot and chewy! We used new words such as “flint” as we rubbed two rocks together to light our fire.

Toddlers have been explore the hen house outside, using their increasing ability to count out objects one at a time and give a number name to each one. We have looked at size when pairing our eggs, putting all the big ones together and all the small ones together then counting them after. We have then used these eggs to build and balance, we used the big planks to make ramps and we rolled out eggs down to the bottom. We had a spring planting tuff tray available for children to explore, filling and emptying and counting how many scoops we needed for it to be full.

Babies like to use all their senses to explore, we have been squeezing yellow scented playdough and watching the mark we leave behind without fingers. We have explored spring animals whilst playing in the straw and hay, hide and finding different animals and making their sounds.

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