Creating our own Technology

Today the Bluebell preschool children at Portland House designed and made their very own television using recycled materials.

The children created their own television using an empty cardboard box and were able to describe what they were making how they were going to do it and what things needed adding to it. The children discussed it needed buttons to turn it on and also to turn it off and used dabbers to make the circular buttons. Everyone was very excited and eager to help to create this with their teacher Lawrence and chatted about what they could watch on their television set.

Once the television had been carefully crafted the children chose where they wanted to put it and then arranged the seating so they could all watch . The children proceeded to take turns to be on the TV, singing, telling stories and even reporting the weather. Next they arranged how to take their turns by changing the channel and then swapping over; there was lots of conversations fun and laughter as the group gathered for their Christmas eve broadcasts.

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