Children's Mental Health Week

It is important for children to experiment with feelings and emotions, as well as being supported in how to self-regulate and deal with those overwhelming feelings that even we as adults still get and how we need to use techniques to help us calm down and regulate our body and emotions in many different ways such as going for a walk, sitting in a quite space, practising Yoga and meditated breathing.

Many of these techniques we use on a daily basis in nursery, such as yoga in the gardens which our babies have enjoyed this week, cloud watching, breathing exercises and today we decided to set out a time for the children to come and enjoy a “spa” session to help us look into other ways on how we can look after our wellbeing and mental health. The children spoke about how we lay still to feel relaxed, and that their eyes felt fresh when they had cucumber slices on them, we even performed “hot stone massages” on each other to help us support each other relax

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